Thursday, March 21, 2013

Browser Hangs After Signing In To Sites (Gmail, Facebook, etc)

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In the last few days my FireFox has been hanging while trying to load sites.
More specifically, I couldn't load Gmail (or any other google page except search). It just never finished loading the page.

At first I thought it was a problem with google. But after a while I realized it's not just a problem with google, but with any site that required me to sign in (i.e. Gmail, Office365, Facebook, etc) and in retrospect I realize it also effected my FTP client.

My immediate actions were to:
  1. clear cookies, (didn't help)
  2. clear cache (only helped until I tried to sign in again)
  3. clear all data (again, only helped and I signed in)
  4. clear all browser disable extensions and add-ons (didn't help)
  5. complete new profile (only helped until I tried to sign in)
  6. check other browser. 
Lucky 6 gave me a big clue that the problem was not in the browser, but with the PC. Chrome showed the exact same symptoms. So armed with this new knowledge I cleared my cache again and began a google search for the problem and the solution.

After asking dozens of questions I finally crafted the question correctly enough so google led me to this post. I found the problem was related to MTU (some thing that controls the size of your network packets.)


The solution almost everyone suggested is running the following code:
sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1492

ifconfig | grep MTU
Where eth0 is the type of connection that you have and can vary from person to person. 1492 can be 1492,1454,1452 or 1460. There is also a graphical GUI guide.

However this didn't solve my case. And although I was sure my problem was with MTU, all solution pointed to changing it from automatic to 1492 and that didn't work.

Finally I found a post which suggested to try and set it to something lower. Like a 1000. This finally solved my issues and I was able to sign in to sites again. BTW, this problem is not related only to Ubuntu.

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